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Review - Meet The Robinsons (2006)

Directed by Steve Anderson

Lewis is an aspiring young-orphan inventor whose diligence in the quest for innovation has left him without any prospects of adoption (Apparently curiosity is neither cute or affable in this Disney universe). Desperate to find platonic acceptance, he creates a memory machine to identify his mother and guess what? It works. Although Disney are no strangers to approaching the Orphan angle and wringing the sentimentality out of it, this one just fails to catch the soft spot rendering Lewis as one of Disney’s most forgettable and gushy protagonists.

Lewis decides to showcase his invention at his school’s science fair (Where else would it be) when a mustachioed villain from the future turns up to steal it, whilst twiddling his mustache with glee. Wonderfully named Goob is everything that is good about the film as he prances around in his cape like a hyperbole, self-aware Dick Dastardly with a mechanical bowler-hat sidekick. He secretes plenty of humour with his bumbling arch-villain routine that everything else is a little easier to stomach in the picture.

Wilbur from the future comes to Lewis’s aid just in time and takes Lewis into the future to reclaim his machine from Goob. Wilbur introduces Lewis to his family The Robinsons, an extended showcase of uninteresting abnormality. Steve Anderson’s vision was too be as odd-ball as possible but the results are just a frenzy of the overtly weird and unimaginative. Or perhaps he was just catering to our attention-anemic youngsters? Lewis forms an attachment to The Robinsons and their Keep moving forward ways, a motto shoe-horned in by the studio quoted by the late Walt himself.

Fortunately for Meet The Robinsons it avoids the generic adoption scene and conjures something fairly emotively special in its final third which lends the film some much needed redemption. With a more refined eye, Meet The Robinsons may of skipped merrily to the vault but instead it slips in unnoticed and almost unwanted.

The Verdict - Wedging crooning Amphibians, a time-traveling orphan-prodigy and an array of wacky anomalies into the mixer, Meet The Robinsons is a frenetic mess of a Disney cocktail.

Score - 4.2/10

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Cosmo Sex Tip #283: Passionately make love to your partner. After awhile, stop and perform your best Liam Neeson impersonation and shout “I’m going to finish this!”. Immediately after this you go HAM until you finish it.

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